Swiming fucking girl

I am a very beautiful girl and I am just 16 years old when this thing happened. This happened just a few days ago when I went swimming with my friends that consists 7 boys and 8 girls.
I am a good swimmer and I had been choose for the school swimming squad. With my excellent body figure, I had attracted many others boys and mans which went swimming there.
And on one night, without any friends came out with me for swimming because it was too late. Since it was late but I still going out for swimming. When I went to the toilet to change

my swimming shirt,I saw a man outside the toilet which seeking and peeking for me. It has frightened me because my body was without any cloth at that time, not even a piece of cloth.
Since I was without any cloth on my body, I decided to let him peek for a while. Then, after finish changing my swimming shirt, I was frightened because there's a man outside the
toilet waiting for me to change my swimming shirt until finish and he invite me to swim with him. He is about 30 years old. Then I say "Ok" and he is happy with the answer and I go with him.
When I was in the pool, he swims with me gracefully until at one moment he hug me and said "You are very beautiful tonight. And with your beautiful body figure, it was great!"
I just smile and said, "You are very handsome too."
Then I touched his dick and I found that it was became harder and harder and getting up and up. Then he say, "I can't stand anymore." Then I said, "me too." Then both of us started
to kiss and he is trying to pull out my shirt one by one. Then I also go and pull down his swimming trunks. After we are both naked, he hug me up to the side of the pool and starting to fuck
me off and I start to gave my virginity away to him. Then he suck my breast and I know that my nipples is getting harder and harder. I let him suck it and I was high at that time too. Then he
licked every inches of my body and I let him do that. After that, I Start to put my mouth to his dick and it was great.
About a few minutes later, his sperm had came out and I drank every sperm he took out. Then,I reach my climax and he reach his climax too, together, we reach our climax or to the
climax island.
After that, I went back to my room and I had a nice bath.